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Welcome to the Future of Educational Funding

The EduFinChain Foundation is now inviting early adopters into the EduFinChain BlockChain Ecosystem. Users can start by joining the Launch Pad and participating in the Early’s Adopters Program.  READ MORE

How Early Adopters Benefit

  • preferred pricing on SET tokens  (our native tokenized platform license)
  • unrestricted use of all inherited benefits of these crypto assets
  • First use of platform specific software and tools
  • Special offerings to training conferences and events
  • Access to privileged  organization newsletters, including unpublished enhancement discussions and ground breaking developments.
  • Special recognition at local and national workshops and conferences; and some distributed publications.

Terms & Conditions

1. In order to complete the EDUFINCHAIN line of educational products and services, EDUFINCHAIN, LLC is holding a token sale of SET (Sustainable Educational Tokens).

2. By transferring Dollars (USD), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or other supported cryptocur-
rencies to the EDUFINCHAIN, LLC address in exchange for SET, the Purchaser confirms an understanding and acceptance that he/she is making a contribution into the EDUFINCHAIN system for the development of the educational products and services as described in the EDUFINCHAIN Whitepaper, available at

3. The Purchaser understands and accepts that while the individuals and entities, including EDUFINCHAIN, LLC assigned to this task will make reasonable efforts to develop the EDUFINCHAIN System, it is possible that such development may fail and SET Tokens could become useless and/or valueless due to technical, commercial, or regulatory challenges, among other reasons.

4. The Purchaser understands that there may be serious risks connected with any blockchain technology, such as heavy fluctuations of virtual or actual asset values, which in turn may lead to loss of value over short or long periods.

5. The Purchaser acknowledges and understands that the Tokens have no warranty whatsoever, expressed or implied, to the extent permitted by the Applicable Law. Accordingly, the Tokens are purchased on an “as is” basis.

6. The Purchaser also understands that EDUFINCHAIN, LLC will not provide any refund, under any circumstance, of the purchase price for Tokens.

7. The Purchaser further agrees to accept sole and exclusive risk for the purchase of Tokens through EDUFINCHAIN, LLC. The Purchaser recognizes that the EDUFINCHAIN Platform is currently being developed and may undergo significant changes before release.

8. In order to reduce the possibility of fraud, phishing attempts, and other schemes perpetrated by malicious third parties, the Purchaser agrees not to respond directly to any inquiry regarding its purchase of Tokens, including but not limited to email requests purportedly coming from EDUFINCHAIN, LLC. The Purchaser understands that EDUFINCHAIN, LLC may send the Purchaser emails from time to time, but these email notices will never ask for information or require a response from the Purchaser.

9. The Purchaser recognizes that EDUFINCHAIN, LLC does not warrant the period of time for which the EDUFINCHAIN will be operational.

10. The Purchaser understands that between the time of purchase of Tokens by means of the Token sale and the inception of the EDUFINCHAIN, Tokens will be usable at the Purchaser’s discretion and shall be therefore considered an asset of the Purchaser.

11. By purchasing SET, the Purchaser confirms that he/she: Is legally permitted to purchase Tokens in the Purchaser’s jurisdiction; Is of a sufficient age to legally purchase Tokens or has received permission from a legal guardian who has reviewed and agreed to these Terms and the Sale Agreement; Will take sole responsibility for any restrictions and risks associated with the purchase of Tokens as set in the Terms; Is not exchanging Dollars, Bitcoin or other currency for Tokens for the purpose of speculative investment; Has an understanding of the usage and intricacies of Blockchain-based assets, like Tokens, Bitcoins, and Blockchain-based software systems.

12. After purchasing SET, the Purchaser becomes a Token Holder. Token holders are automatically enrolled in the EDUFINCHAIN Educational System. Token Holders by no means own any securities or interest in EDUFINCHAIN, LLC.

13. Nothing in the Service, in the Terms, or in any statements or information contained on the Site at any moment, or in any means of communication of the Service (including but not limited to the publications in social media, as well as the statements or declarations made by the representatives of EDUFINCHAIN, LLC, notwithstanding whether they had been made personally or on behalf of
the company), notwithstanding the time of their occurrence, shall be construed as a guarantee of gaining profit or benefit in any other form. The Purchaser understands that participating in the Token Sale may result in financial losses.

14. The Purchaser understands and accepts that while the individuals and entities assigned to provide certain tasks to develop the EDUFINCHAIN make reasonable efforts to develop and complete these tasks, it is possible that such development may fail and Tokens become useless or valueless due to technical, commercial, regulatory or any other reasons.

15. Hence, User therefore understands and accepts that the transfer of USD, BTC or other currencies may result in a total loss and that the Purchaser shall not have any claim whatsoever to reclaim losses.

16. The Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that, to the fullest extent permitted by any applicable law, the Purchaser will not hold any developers, auditors, contractors, founders of EDUFINCHAIN, LLC or EDUFINCHAIN liable for any and all damages or injury whatsoever caused by or related to the use of, or the inability to use, Tokens, Services, or Blockchain system under any cause or action whatsoever of any kind in any jurisdiction, including, without limitation, actions for breach of warranty, breach of contract, or tort (including negligence) and that developers, auditors, contractors or founders of the Blockchain System and/or the Services shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential damages, including loss of profits, goodwill or data, in any way whatsoever arising out of the use of, or the inability to use of the Blockchain System and/or Services. The Purchaser further specifically acknowledges that developers, auditors, contractors or founders of the Tokens, Smart Contract System, and/or the Services are not liable, and the User agrees not to seek to hold them liable, for the conduct of third parties, including other creators of Tokens, and that the risk of creating, holding and using Tokens rests entirely with the User. By creating or holding Tokens, and to the extent permitted by law, the User agrees not to hold any third party (including developers, auditors, contractors or founders) liable for any regulatory
implications or liability associated with or arising from the creation or ownership of
Tokens or any other action or transaction related to the Smart Contract System.

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