How It Works


The EDUFIN CHAIN Platform is a decentralized Block Chain using Ethereum as its base protocol. EDUFIN CHAIN like most block chains offers a software client wallet to access its basic usage. Although some services and information can be access through basic web browsers; the EDUFIN Wallet is the official client to handle SET token distribution, user account activation and creation of EDUFIN assets.

The EDUFIN CHAIN on the surface is a shared immutable ledger for recording transaction history securely. The EDUFIN CHAIN not only supports its native tokenized license SET, but allows for other custom digital assets to exist and function like traditional crypto assets and smart contracts.

The EDUFIN CHAIN Foundation continuous efforts in the development, enhancement and marketing of the EDUFIN CHAIN platform, will enable organizations in deploying its processes, products and/or services using block chain technology. The EDUFIN CHAIN platform also provides access to tools and professional assistance organizations need in identifying, planning and implementing block chain projects.

Below are identified usages, utilities and products offered through the EDUFIN CHAIN. Although some products below are unique to the mission and purpose of the EDUFIN CHAIN platform, most products listed are tools used by users of the platform to enhance the benefits of the technology.

Educational Assets

Educational assets are digital assets used to store value. This stored value can be used to pay for educational resources through the EDUFINCHAIN educational partner network. Educational assets redeemable properties can be immutably defining in its creation.  For example, these assets can be used to store and distribute monetary value used toward expenses for education. The (EA) can be programmed to be redeemable for specific educational expenses i.e. food, housing, books, activities, and emergency funds; all within the EDUFIN CHAIN ecosystem.

Donational Assets

Donational Assets are created to be distributed by educational institutions and organizations to facilitate donations for educational programs, services and resources. These assets are commonly offered in exchange for monetary value to respective community and supporters of its creator. One case use: Supporters buy these assets to redeem for products and services offer through the EDU Market Place. Every redemption returns value back; not only to the user; but also the issuing organization or creator.  These particular assets are unique as they offer programmable distribution properties of value earned as its used throughout the EDUFIN CHAIN ecosystem.

Smart Scholarship Assets

Smart Scholarships on The EduFinChain are assets created with programmable guidelines and permissible redemption. These assets are enforceable through policy set in its creation. The disbursements of funds and selection of awardees are example properties that are programmable. These scholarships will enable non-bias and unregulated access to educational resources. using no central authority for distribution or auditing. The EDUFIN CHAIN public Ledger will offer immutable records of all activity associated with these assets.


EDU Block Chain Apps run securely on the EDUFIN CHAIN Platform. EDU Block Chain Apps enables custom graphical front-end user interfaces. These interfaces allow real-time asynchronous interactions between the EDUFIN CHAINS immutable decentralized ledger and its users. Users can access block chain services through a normal web browser or front end client. An example use can be enabling access to educational resources or training material using EDU APP Tokens. The app tokens can offer a secure method of identification and payment from users accessing these services and resources.


EDU Market place is an online portal that operates on the EDUFIN CHAIN platform. This market place includes products and services offered by EDUFIN CHAIN market place partners(MPP). This online portal enables the exchange of those products using Donational assets distributed on the EDUFIN CHAIN.


The EDU block explorer is the public ledger for the EDUFIN CHAIN Financial Network. Users can view real-time asset transactions as they occur on the block chain. This public ledger is accessible through an internet browser. The EDU Explorer also displays other random block chain info and stats i.e. Real-time SET/USD Price Ticker and average transactions times.


The EDUFIN CHAIN Academy is a collaborative effort between The EDUFIN CHAIN Foundation and scholars, educators, researchers and professionals to introduce Block chain technology to early adopters, institutions and organizations worldwide. The academy also serves as the first of point entry

for users to better understand the benefits and uses of The EDUFIN CHAIN platform and other similar block chain projects. Our Academy will introduce basic concepts as well advance topics, as it relates to the Block Chain technology. We will include topics on industry specific insight as it relates to education and technology efficiencies; use and adoption.

The EDUFIN CHAIN ACADEMY will accomplish this through the following activities:

  1. Public and private seminars,
  2. Project based learning events
  3. Professional Training Workshops
  4. Interactive Learning Environments