How It Works

Receiving Educational Assets

To Receive SET or any asset on the EduFinChain you do nothing other then verify the transaction either using the public ledger explorer or your EduFinChain Wallet.

Donational Assets

Donational Assets are created to be distributed by educational institutions and organizations to facilitate donations for educational programs, services and resources. Theses assets are commonly offered in exchange for monetary value to respective community and supporters of it’s creator. One case use: Supporters buy these assets to redeem for products and services offer through the EDU Market Place. Every redemption returns value back; not only to the user; but also the issuing organization or creator. These particular assets are unique as they offer programmable distribution properties of value earned as its used throughout the EDUFINCHAIN ecosystem.

Smart Scholarships

Smart Scholarships on The EduFinChain are Assets created with special rules and permissions. These assets are unique in that they are enforceable with rules of disbursements and award specified by creator of these assets.

Educational Assets

Educational assets are digital assets used to store value. This stored value can be used to pay for educational resources through the EDUFINCHAIN educational partner network. Educational assets redeemable properties can be immutably define in its creation. For example these assets can be used to store and distribute monetary value used toward expenses for education. The (EA) can be programmed to be redeemable for specific educational expenses i.e. food, housing, books, activities, and emergency funds; all within the EDUFINCHAIN ecosystem.