The Future of Education Funding

Introducing EDUFIN CHAIN a peer 2 peer autonomous financial platform; designed to distribute educational capital and resources more equitable and efficient.

Create Assets

Create assets securely and easy using free software tools.

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Send Assets

Easily and securely send assets on the EduFinChain platform 24Hrs a day.

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Receive Assets

Receive assets on the platform automatically (24) hrs a day.

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Earning Assets

Explore unrealized value through earning assets created on the platform.

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Smart Scholarships

Smart Scholarships enable equitable experiences in education.

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Educational Assets

Educational assets provides alternative mechanisms for educational capital.

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Creating equitable educational experiences.

The Foundation

The Foundation core mission will be to create the technology and community; that drives usage, adoption and benefits of the EDUFIN CHAIN Platform.

The Foundation will facilitate the development of usable tools for the platform through core development teams and partnerships.

The Foundation will coordinate efforts to introduce awareness, education, usage and benefits as it relates to the EDUFIN CHAIN Platform and its community.

The Project

Throughout the life of this platform the EDU FIN CHAIN Foundation will work to build on better autonomous algorithms and processes to achieve the following core objectives

1. Explore new consensus methods for evaluating and comparing fair practice for education financial aid disbursements using Blockchain.
2. Develop new tools on the Blockchain to enable government, advocates and policymakers to address more effective and fair funding disbursement methods.
3. Create strategic partnerships to enhance user experience and adoptability
4. Continue to build, strengthen and secure our network with processes and transparent partnership alliances.


” Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. ” …..Steve Jobs

Ahmed Abdullah

Ahmed Abdullah

Founder - Chief Technology Officer

Ahmed's work experience and specialties span various integrated interdisciplinary industries. As a system software designer and programmer, Ahmed has numerous successes in robotics, solar energy, micro-gravity research, IP network security systems, and telecommunication. Ahmed's work background always reflects his love for electrical power and autonomous systems.

Steve Conley

Steve Conley

Founder- Chief Marketing Officer

Steve has been providing Financial Literacy to his community since 1981. He is a true entrepreneur that has produced events internationally, and mentored many young entrepreneurs in different industries. Steve has a passion for raising funds for many causes, and is excited about how the blockchain expands his options on how to help others.

Joyce Coleman

Joyce Coleman

Chief Executive Officer

Coleman was the nation's first black female corporate officer at a major international airline, where her responsibilities included heading a major operational division. She re-engineered those divisions using best practice models, making them more effective and efficient while saving millions of dollars. Coleman is now an author, activist, and entrepreneur, and has written several books.

Abdul-Kaba Abdullah

Abdul-Kaba Abdullah

Chief Operations Officer

Abdul has years of experience in governmental affairs and economic development. He is one of the premier young civic leaders under the age of 40 in the St. Louis Region, and has been recognized by The St. Louis Business Journal and St. Louis American Newspaper Foundation for his accomplishments. Abdul holds dual Masters degrees in Business and Management.

Roadmap Plan

Read our roll-out plan for the EduFinChain Platform and software tools.


Stay updated on news and events as our project progress.

Utilizing the Power of Blockchain in the Education Sector

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